From the Fall 2022 Issue

Seizing Opportunities – Developing Inner Resiliency!


Diane M Janosek, PhD, JD, CISSP, LPEC, Senior Legal Advisor, WiCyS Mid-Atlantic

Seizing Opportunities-Janosek- Fall 2022

In today’s world, cyber professionals are on 24/7 to keep mission systems secure and operational, but what has one done for oneself lately? As the world has changed due to the pandemic, so has personal and professional routines. The biggest challenge often experienced, but infrequently discussed, is how does a cybersecurity professional stay on the … Read more

The Dark Side of AI


Josh Henry, ,

AI The Dark Side of AI, Artificial Intelligence, AI concept, Brain on motherboard

The rise of AI is as inevitable as the next data breach.  The 21st century has seen a massive resurgence in highly advanced AI usage techniques. We can now process large amounts of data in a short amount of time. We can use machine learning to help machines improve on their mistakes. In fact, we … Read more

Why People are Ditching Social Media


Caleb Townsend, Staff Writer, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Hand unplugging, unplug, social media detox

The Pew Research Center has released a new report that tracks the relationship people have currently with social media. It has been six months since Facebook revealed that they were allowing user’s information to be harvested by Cambridge Analytica. According to the report released by Pew Research Center, the debacle has turned a lot of … Read more

From the Spring 2015 Issue

Cyber Maturity It’s Time to Be Accountable for Our Own Destiny


Adam Firestone, Editor-in-Chief , United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Security professionals are a quiet bunch. It’s rare for them to publicly discuss known vulnerabilities used to attack targeted organizations. There are many reasons for this reticence. For one, a professionally laconic demeanor is standard issue in a group for whom operational security is a way of life. For another, today’s victim may very well … Read more

From the Spring 2015 Issue

Opening the Door for Women in Cybersecurity


Kathleen Smith, Chief Marketing Officer,

As an industry, cybersecurity encompasses everything from government programs to healthcare, from power plants to automobiles. It touches nearly every aspect of our lives. Cybersecurity no longer is a separate industry but one that permeates every other industry. Previously the only defensive posture we had to take was with our military, business, or intellectual property, … Read more

From the Spring 2015 Issue

Eyes on Employees: Federal Agencies’ Top Assets and Biggest Security Threats


Chris LaPoint, Group Vice President of Product Management, SolarWinds

Federal employees play a huge part in keeping our country running safely and efficiently, from gathering intelligence to protecting our borders to running our national parks. That said, they are also an increasing source of concern for IT security departments. In December 2014, market research firm Market Connections, in conjunction with SolarWinds, conducted a survey1 … Read more