From the Fall 2022 Issue

Seizing Opportunities – Developing Inner Resiliency!

Diane M Janosek, PhD, JD, CISSP, LPEC
Senior Legal Advisor | WiCyS Mid-Atlantic

In today’s world, cyber professionals are on 24/7 to keep mission systems secure and operational, but what has one done for oneself lately?
As the world has changed due to the pandemic, so has personal and professional routines. The biggest challenge often experienced, but infrequently discussed, is how does a cybersecurity professional stay on the top of their game — mentally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually, especially with businesses being always ‘on’?

Miracles begin with you.
You must find the place inside yourself
where nothing is impossible.

-Deepak Chopra

Emotionally balanced, high performers understand that the . . .

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