From the Winter 2017 Issue

Asymmetrical Hybrid Warfare The Most Significant World Event of This Century Cybersecurity: Why We Can’t Get It Right As Attacks, Breaches and Massive Theft Worsen

Anthony M. Chapa
Assistant Director and Chief Technology Officer, retired | United States Secret Service

Eric L. Qualkenbush
Director, Office of Central Cover; Director, Training and Education, retired | Central Intelligence Agency

T. Casey Fleming
Chairman and CEO | BLACKOPS Partners Corporation

The U.S. is Losing the Cybersecurity Battle 
Cybersecurity is the most important and least understood agenda item for senior leadership and staff in every sector - business, government, the military, and academia. While we continually increase spending on failed cybersecurity strategies, the United States continues to lose the battle by a wider margin each year because we’ve got it wrong.

According to a recent study of 2,000 large enterprise security officers “about one-third of targeted attempts to breach corporations’ cyber defenses succeed but three-quarters of executives remain unaccountably confident in their security . . .

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