From the Spring 2014 Issue

“Cutting through the Chatter – Can the Federal Government Lead in Developing Cybersecurity Standards?”

David Robbins
Chairman, Government Contracts Practice | Shulman Rogers Gandal Pordy & Ecker, P.A.

Cybersecurity has a dirty little secret. Despite all the buzz, nobody knows what cybersecurity actually is. Many people have ideas about what cybersecurity should be. And there are dramatic predictions about market size. But we are not yet at a point where anyone can say, authoritatively, what cybersecurity actually is. We are in the digital equivalent of the “Gold Rush,” where prospectors are flocking to the industry to stake a claim, market their services (including by fear), and secure business. But the industry has yet to settle on a standard and much of this “early” spending might be wasted as . . .

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