From the Fall 2015 Issue

Getting Compliance and Security Right: The Importance of an Integrated, Effective, and Efficient Plan

Celia David
Director, Energy Practice | Navigant

Kenneth Lotterhos
Managing Director, Energy Practice | Navigant

Matthew M. Blizard
Director, Energy Practice | Navigant

The Challenges of the Bulk Electric System 
Protecting the nation’s interstate power grid has never been more challenging or more important. Cyber and physical attacks are on the rise and digital equipment is proliferating on the grid, simultaneously enhancing reliability through automation and increasing the potential for vulnerability from cyber intrusions. Reversing the digital trend is neither possible nor desirable. At the same time, the grid has become far more interconnected in recent decades, with a sharp increase in market transactions and other power transfers across and between systems, particularly in areas with regional transmission . . .

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