From the Fall 2015 Issue

Staying a Move Ahead in Cyber-Chess

Dr. Alenka Brown
President | McClure, Brown & Associates LLC

Dr. Joe McClure VanHoozer
Founder | McClure, Brown & Associates LLC

Mr. Jason Christman, MS, CISSP, PMP
Subject Matter Expert | McClure, Brown, & Associates® LLC

Neurocognitive Patterns in Cyberspace 
Humans process somatosensory information - defined by Kandel, et al as “different forms of energy…transformed by the nervous system into different sensations or sensory modalities: vision, hearing, touch/emotion, taste, and smell”1 – at several levels simultaneously. This information, composed of neuro psychometric indicators (NPI) – the verbal and non-verbal cues of sensory modalities – is manifested in derivative forms of analog (non-verbal) and digital (verbal) forensic evidence.

This forensic evidence provides us with unique cognitive fingerprints, or Cogni-prints®, derived from sub-elements within sensory information. These sub-elements are as unique to . . .

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