From the Fall 2015 Issue

Securing Social: ZeroFOX’s Approach to Cybersecurity in the Facebook Age

Amanda Fortner
Managing Editor | United States Cybersecurity Magazine

What’s the most populous country in the world? China, with 1.36 billion people? India, with 1.25 billion?
If you answered either of those countries, you’re wrong. The most populous country boasts 1.49 billion people, has only been around since 2004, and you yourself are probably a citizen.1 Guessed it yet?
It’s Facebook.
According to the 2015 Cisco Midyear Security Report, Facebook scams are the top method used by attackers to gain access to organizational networks.2 Millions of malicious links, fake accounts, and fraudulent personae exist across the gamut of social networks – networks . . .

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