How Is the U.S. Trucking Industry Adapting to New Cybersecurity Challenges in 2023?


Oscar Collins, Editor-in-Chief, Modded

Trucking Industry

The trucking industry is crucial in the U.S. and worldwide. Millions of truckers hit the road to provide essential goods and services for people daily. However, like other industries, the sector is vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks. In the digital age, cyber theft and attacks have evolved. Transportation and logistics companies have had to … Read more

Culturing a Healthy SOC Environment with AI


Shigraf Aijaz, Cybersecurity Writer and Journalist,

AI and SOC

Security Operation Center, also known as SOC, plays a critical role in integrated security intelligence technologies and improving the overall organizational cybersecurity. SOC primarily focuses on defending against potential cyber threats, continuously monitoring networks, and developing incident response reports. It functions like a team possessing relevant knowledge and skills and operating from well-defined processes supporting … Read more

Insider Threats: Best Practices to Counter Them


Anas Baig, Product Manager,

Insider Threats

Cybersecurity has become a critical strategic aspect for most organizations around the globe. Perhaps rightly so, considering the total damage caused by cyber-attacks in 2022 has already amounted to $6 trillion, this figure is likely to be much higher by the end of the year. According to the report by Cyber Security Ventures, this figure … Read more

Cyber Whistleblowing: What Employers Should Know


Frankie Wallace, ,

Cyber Whistleblowing

As businesses adopt emerging technologies like AI and VR, professional lives are growing more connected to the internet and, therefore, the world. While this can drastically improve efficiency and contribute to business growth, it has also led to a rise in cyber-attacks — and not just for tech companies. Cybercrime is affecting industries beyond tech, … Read more

Why it’s Time to Adopt a Risk-Based Approach to AppSec


Vinugayathri Chinnasamy, Senior Content Writer, Indusface

Risk-based AppSec

Today, AppSec (Application Security) is not only about compliance with regulatory frameworks. In the face of newer threats, a growing attack surface, and the lack of AppSec talent, legacy WAF solutions and traditional security approaches constantly try to catch up but unsuccessfully. And this is where the risk-based approach to security comes in.  This article … Read more

How to Build a Cybersecurity Awareness Program from the Ground Up


Andrew Obadiaru, CISO, Cobalt

How to Build a Cybersecurity Awareness Program from the Ground Up

Amid an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, CISOs must anticipate the strategies that will be needed to keep their organizations safe. Of critical importance, they need to ensure their colleagues can spot – and report – security scams and other suspicious behaviors easily. Cybersecurity training ensures CISOs’ first line of defense – their people – are … Read more

How to Reduce Human Error in Cybersecurity with Red Teaming


Harry Wilson, Head of Digital Marketing Department, Globex Outreach

Red Teaming - Cognitive Bias

Human error in cybersecurity evokes images of untrained employees logging into systems with weak passwords used for multiple accounts or clicking on phishing emails. However, mistakes can come from the most experienced members of your IT and security team – professionals who know more about cybersecurity than anyone else in your company. As they progress … Read more

The Biggest 2020 Cybersecurity Threats


Caleb Townsend, Staff Writer, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

2020 trends, cybersecurity threats, 2020 building blocks, 2019 to 2020 change

Cybersecurity threats, as we discussed in our recent 2019 data breach article, were a huge problem in 2019. Within the first 6 months, Forbes reported that 2019 yielded 3,800 publicly disclosed breaches, a 52% increase from 2018’s first 6 months. 2019 saw data breaches in every sector, from financial and healthcare, to government and entertainment. … Read more

5 Cyber Threats You Should Be Aware Of


Emma Megan, ,

A data breach can hit any business at any time. Whether it is sensitive information that the company must protect to maintain its competitive advantage or documents necessary to meet industrial or government’s regulatory requirements, all data must be protected. The fallout of a data breach has a significant impact on any business. Data breaches may include … Read more