Account Takeover Fraud: Navigating the Treacherous Digital Waters


Ahmet Ocal, Platform Specialist, WhitePress

Account Takeover Fraud

In the bustling marketplace of online retail, where transactions occur at lightning speed and global boundaries blur, a silent guardian stands watch: eCommerce fraud prevention. This specialized armory, designed to combat the unique threats faced by online retailers, is instrumental in ensuring that the digital bazaar remains a haven of trust and reliability. The Guardian’s … Read more

Fraud Prevention With Good Cybersecurity Practices


Kayla Matthews, ,

Fraud Concept

Financial fraud cases show up in the headlines regularly. Yet people don’t necessarily connect these cases to cybersecurity. However, it’s often true that good cybersecurity makes a person or company less likely to experience financial fraud. Cybersecurity Starts With Awareness Many scammers who operate online pose as legitimate brands, such as banks or e-commerce companies. … Read more