From the Winter 2022 Issue

Back to Basics: The Vulnerabilities You’re Overlooking


Gabrielle Hempel, Systems Engineer, RSA Security

By now, data breaches are commonplace. Almost every day, there seems to be a new one—it has become a regular occurrence. Often, these breaches involve ransomware, which has become a much larger problem in recent years. Ransomware is concerning because it preys upon both Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), which is disruptive to … Read more

How to Tell if Your Wireless Router Has Been Hacked


Harry Wilson, Head of Digital Marketing Department, Globex Outreach

How to Tell if Your Wireless Router Has Been Hacked

Routers are hardware devices used by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to connect their customers to their xDSL or cable internet network. Wi-Fi routers or wireless routers combine wireless access points, networking functions, and a router. In essence, routers connect local networks to the internet or other local networks; thus, wireless access points connect devices to … Read more

A Weak VPN Could Be More Destructive Than No VPN


Zehra Ali, ,

Internet to VPN to you

In the present era, an individual’s privacy solely depends on internet security. Your banking details, your pictures, and other sensitive information are available on different channels such as social media accounts, websites, and other online platforms. Therefore, the usage of VPN has increased drastically. But are you sure your VPN is working correctly? If not, … Read more

How To Strengthen Web Security with VPN


Pawan Sahu, ,

VPN assembled with red blocks against grey blocks

How To Strengthen Web Security with VPN A web site’s security is of prime significance for the site owner as well as the site visitors. Ensuring that the website faces no security threats at all times can be an overwhelming task for inexperienced website owners who have just started out. With so many threats rising … Read more

What is the difference between firewall hardware and firewall software?


Sydney Brackins, Executive Coordinator, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Firewall Hardware and Firewall Software appearing as a cage in front of a blurred out man typing on his computer.

Firewall safety is essential to the security of your computer. Firewalls appear in both a hardware and software format. Both formats provide a different set of benefits to the safety of a network. However, using them in conjunction with one another is the smartest route to take. This article will give a brief explanation on … Read more

Department of Defense (DOD) Cybersecurity Service Providers (CSSPs): A Unique Component of DOD’s Defense–in–Depth Strategy


Caleb Townsend, Staff Writer, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Business Woman Suit on Computer Cybersecurity DOD

An effective cybersecurity posture is achieved when there is confidence that information and information systems are protected against attacks through the application of security services in such areas as availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation…


Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities


Lauren Abshire, Director of Content Strategy, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities lock on credit card on keyboard

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities are weaknesses that allow attackers to reduce system information assurance. Sensible strategies should begin with basic knowledge of exactly what vulnerabilities may exist in your systems. Among the first steps is to…

From the Summer 2016 Issue

Perimeter Defense: The Reverse Proxy


Michael Ryan, CEO, South River Technologies

Nearly all businesses protect vital internal assets by means of a firewall: a software- or hardware-based solution that sits between the corporate LAN and the external internet. These firewalls are designed to limit, regulate, and monitor traffic that passes between the public internet and the private corporate LAN. Unfortunately, as hacking techniques get more sophisticated, … Read more