Teaching Cybersecurity to Kids


Frankie Wallace, ,

Cybersecurity Teach to Kids girl on Computer Education Classroom Teacher

As people who grew up without cell phones, tablets, and computers, today’s parents have — at least generally speaking — learned to be skeptical of technology. We understand that there was a world before it, and we lived through some of the earliest threats (like Y2K, the Target hack, the Equifax data dump, and more). … Read more

Logic Bombs: How to Prevent Them


Caleb Townsend, Staff Writer, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Logic Bomb concept, illustrating logic bombs, tick tock, white time bomb

A logic bomb is a piece of malicious code that hackers insert into a software or operating system. This code lies dormant until a specific condition occurs. These conditions could be a pre-determined time (often referred to also as a time bomb) or a specific command that the user types in. Once the conditions occur, … Read more