Can AI Actually Improve Cybersecurity? What Experts Are Saying


Kayla Matthews, ,

AI, Artificial Intelligence concept

This year, AI spending will grow to nearly $35.8 billion globally. AI has surged in popularity in most sectors of tech, and cybersecurity isn’t an exception. In fact, according to Capgemini’s 2019 report on cybersecurity and AI, 48% of enterprises say their budget for artificial intelligence will increase in fiscal year 2019. An even greater … Read more

Cybersecurity Trends in The Healthcare Industry


Frankie Wallace, ,

Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity

The healthcare Industry contains private and sensitive information about millions of patients in every country. Therefore, it’s no wonder that in 2017, it was the target of over 50 percent of cyber-attacks. Loaded with identity-revealing information like social security numbers, dates of birth, billing information and, of course, health insurance information, these details can be … Read more