From the Summer 2015 Issue

Playing Both Sides of the Field: An Offensive and Defensive Approach to Cybersecurity

Jim Mazotas
Founder | OnGuard Systems LLC

Larry Letow
CEO, U.S. | CyberCX

In our mobile and ever-changing cyber world, traditional static security solutions are simply not enough to defend against the complex, multi-dimensional threats to digital security. While securing network borders is unquestionably key in maintaining a protected system, all too often organizations ignore the serious threat insiders pose to cybersecurity. Through negligent or malicious means, insiders may reveal, delete, and misuse important content, thereby threatening the safety of sensitive information. Whether the motives be financial gain, coercion, ideology, or ego, insider threats occur on many levels. From losing a laptop to using advanced malware, even the most trusted employees . . .

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